Co-operative Ownership for a sustainable future.

Invest in local green energy projects.

See how it works



Invest in local green energy projects.

See how it works

Invest in your Community

Energy generation has long been controlled by a few powerful groups.  But the landscape is changing.

Established low carbon and clean energy technologies are shifting the way communities conserve, generate and distribute electricity.

Since 2010, the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) forged a path by encouraging hundreds of individuals to invest more than $8 M in local solar power projects and earn a fair return.

Now, CoEnergy is continuing this important work by broadening the range of clean energy technologies and services available to businesses and institutions in Eastern Ontario and West Québec.

CoEnergy encourages individuals to diversify their portfolio with the planet and bring positive change to their community.

Invest in Real Assets

Energy Retrofit: Phase 1

RA Centre in Ottawa, ON

Upgrade indoor & outdoor lighting, install building automation system

Cost: $750,000

Lighting Retrofits

Various locations in Ottawa, ON

Upgrade lighting to LED in multi-unit residential buildings

Cost: $250,000

Invest With Confidence

CoEnergy was launched by the Directors of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) to provide a broader range of sustainable energy services to Eastern Ontario and West Quebec.

Provincial legislation limited OREC strictly to renewable energy generation which left a gap in the market for retrofit services aimed at community-based businesses and institutions. This is where CoEnergy fits in.

Led by a strong Board of Directors, highly engaged members, and diligent staff, OREC has grown into the leading impact investment option in Eastern Ontario. CoEnergy, led by the same Directors and staff, are working towards the same goals of sustainability through community ownership.

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