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About Us

About Us

We are working towards an equitable low-carbon and clean energy future. We do this through community-owned sustainability projects – from energy efficiency, to renewable energy, to electric vehicles, and more.

CoEnergy is a co-operative, which means it is owned and run by its members. Membership is open to anyone living in Canada. Our co-operative business model is built on the tenants of democracy, independence and spreading the economic benefits of the clean economy transition.

Our Story

CoEnergy was incorporated in December 2018 by members and staff of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC). CoEnergy was born out of a desire to enact real change through a co-operative business model. Seeking to build on the success of OREC, CoEnergy can do all that OREC could and more.

CoEnergy Co-operative was created to expand the adoption of sustainable energy technologies in Eastern Ontario as well as West Québec and to enable individuals to participate in the financing and ownership of such projects in these regions. The Co-op will offer its members the opportunity to collectively identify, improve, own and manage commercial and residential property assets that reduce greenhouse gases and/or provide other environmental, economic or social benefits to the region. CoEnergy is a multi-class co-op with two classes of membership – consumers and community members. Consumer members are those who are purchasing the energy services. Community members are those who support these projects in various ways including financial and benefit from a more resilient and sustainable local community.

CoEnergy’s Vision, Mission & Goals

  • Residents, institutions, and businesses in Eastern Ontario and West Québec have more choice and control over the energy they use
  • Property owners in the region reduce operating costs, improve occupant well-being, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate change and environmental impacts in the region are mitigated through energy conservation and clean energy generation.
  • More low carbon jobs are created in the region resulting in local economic development
  • CoEnergy’s co-operative financing and ownership business model demonstrates how a more democratic local economy enhances wealth generation and distribution, as well as social, and environmental vibrancy and performance
  • Individuals in the region and elsewhere have the opportunity to democratically influence, own and manage clean energy generation and use

CoEnergy’s mission is to enable development of a low carbon economy in Eastern Ontario and West Québec using a democratic business model that generates wealth, jobs, and other social and environmental benefits through the ownership and management of energy.


The Co-op’s goals are:

  • Social: Empower people to choose and own the energy used in their community.
  • Economic: Create low carbon jobs and economic development locally.
  • Environmental: Minimize energy use, GHG emissions and pollution in the community through efficiency and conservation while meeting the residual energy demand in the most environmentally sustainable way.
  • Financial: Provide fair returns annually to members. Increase accessibility to sustainable investments options.
  • Education and Advocacy: Increase awareness and supportive policy climates regarding sustainable energy infrastructure.

Governance & Policies

Our Governance

  • CoEnergy’s projects are democratically governed through a co-operative model, which strengthens community engagement.
  • Members of CoEnergy are those living in Canada older than 16 who have purchased a member share and whose membership has been approved by the board of directors. Every member has one vote and may run for a position on the board.
  • The Board is made up of up to seventeen directors who are elected by the members at the annual general meeting. Directors serve for variable terms and are not remunerated. The Co-op holds director and officer insurance for the activities of the board. The board is responsible for contracts, projects, reserve funds, dividends and surplus distribution, and borrowing.
  • Advisory committees have been formed to advise the board on business, technical, and communication issues.
  • CoEnergy is incorporated as a multi-class service Co-operative with share capital under Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act and operates under Bylaws, to which any changes are approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

CoEnergy adheres to the 7 principles of co-operative governance

Our Policies

Our internal policies are pending approval from the Board of Directors.

Community Collaborators

Special thanks to the generous support of the following organizations:

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