Investing in your community
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How does it work?



New Projects are Secured

CoEnergy develops or purchases green energy generation or retrofit projects in partnership with Consumer Members such as schools, institutions, municipalities, co-operatives and businesses.


Projects are Financed

Community Members — made up of individuals and other cooperatives — finance those projects by purchasing preference shares designed by CoEnergy.


Profits are Returned to Investors

Energy savings realized by these projects are returned to investors in the form of an annual dividend and capital repayment over 10 years.

How are revenues generated?

CoEnergy’s revenues are generated through the savings incurred by the facilities it works with. As this graph demonstrates, energy efficiency and renewable energy generation allows facilities to incur significant savings on all of their utility bills. During the term of the agreement with these facilities, a significant portion of these savings are paid to CoEnergy. These revenues for the co-op are then returned to investors.

Why a Co-op?

Co-operatives have a long and rich history in Canada’s agriculture, finance and housing sectors, among others. They provide a resilient, democratic, and trusted business structure that spread the benefits of its work to the communities they serve, along with the broader economy.

Anyone over the age of 18 living in Canada is eligible to join CoEnergy, and in doing so, gain a say in how the co-op grows. All members are co-owners of the renewable energy and energy efficiency projects developed, and have a part in building a green, resilient future.

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Why invest with CoEnergy?

Investments Backed by Real Assets

Projects with multi-year equipment leasing agreements provide a stable revenue stream

Rigorous Due Diligence

Every new project undergoes a detailed vetting process by our experienced team

Diversify Your Portfolio

Mitigate risk with investments in community-based, clean energy projects

Social Impact

Building retrofits provide a better environment for its users

Climate Mitigation

Current projects will mitigate a significant amount of GHG emissions

Economic Benefit

Every $1 invested in community power results in $2 of local economic activity

Invest in the clean tech future and earn a return.

Join CoEnergy and help shape the low carbon future.

Current Projects

Building Managers and Owners

Our commercial energy services could be right for you.

Deep Energy Retrofit: Phase 1

RA Centre in Ottawa, ON

Upgrade lighting, install automation systems, roof insulation

Cost: $750,000

Lighting Retrofits

Various Locations in Ottawa, ON

Upgrade lighting to LED in residential buildings

Cost: $250,000

Chiller Replacement

Minto Skating Club in Ottawa, ON

New chiller with heat recovery

Cost: $1,500,000

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