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Welcome to CoEnergy Ontario Co-operative! This organization was formed to offer a wide range of sustainability services in Eastern Ontario and West Québec, all done through the co-operative business model, and with community benefit at the forefront.

CoEnergy was founded by many of the individuals behind the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC). Since the founding of the OREC in 2010, its membership has changed the way that energy has been produced in Eastern Ontario. Operating within the renewable energy space and the programs that have driven the industry in Ontario, OREC has developed 2.5 MW of community-owned solar assets, with a value of nearly $8 million.

There has been for some time a desire among the staff and members of OREC to do more than this. As a renewable energy co-op, however, OREC is limited by the Ontario Co-op Act to the generation and sale of electricity produced by renewable sources. With this reality, along with the end of the Green Energy Act and its Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program, CoEnergy Ontario Co-operative Inc. was born.

CoEnergy will aim to provide low carbon and other clean energy products and services to its members. CoEnergy is a multi-class co-op, with community members and consumer members. Community members will own and manage the Co-op’s assets through social investment opportunities, very similar to how OREC operates. These members can be living anywhere in Canada. Consumer members will be those using the Co-op’s services, and projects must be based in Eastern Ontario and West Québec.

To learn more about the vision, mission and goals of CoEnergy, visit the Our Story page.