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Investing with CoEnergy allows you to help realize the Co-op’s sustainability projects across Ontario region. You investments go directly towards the development and ongoing maintenance of the Co-op and its growing project portfolio.

Your investments enable positive environmental, social and economic change in your own community.

Investment Options

CoEnergy Co-operative provides a variety of investment options to best suit your needs.

CoEnergy is currently working to develop investment-ready projects. Fill out this short form to be sure you are informed when the next investment window opens!

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Become a Member

Before investing with CoEnergy, you must become a Community member of the co-op. But don't fear - the process is simple! All those living in Canada are eligible to become members. Follow the link to the right to join the co-op.

Read the Offering Statement

You are encouraged to read the official Offering Statement. This document, approved by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, contains all the details one should know prior to investing in CoEnergy's upcoming projects. Note that this does not constitute professional investment advice. Investors should seek their own professional advice if desired.


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