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Community Member Application

CoEnergy is owned by its members.  Every member has one vote.  Every member can run for a position on the Board of Directors.

The co-operative business model allows individuals and organizations to oversee CoEnergy’s work and provide direction.

The membership is made up of two different classes:

Community Members

Individuals and other co-operatives based in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec.

Consumer Members

Local Businesses and institutions who use CoEnergy’s green energy services.

Why should you join CoEnergy?

Do you want to support the exciting transition to renewable energy and community-backed energy retrofits?

Are you searching for the chance to invest in your local economy?

Are you looking to join an organization in which you have a vote in deciding where and how it spends your money?

Become a member of CoEnergy and put an end to your search.

A lifetime membership share with the Co-operative is only $50. Membership shares go towards supporting our operations and administrative costs, while allowing you to have a say in how the co-op develops and grows.  Membership is available to any resident of Canada over the age of 18.

Membership also allows you to invest in local green energy projects by purchasing preference shares that are available on a regular basis. Investment is really how the magic happens.

All five current projects will be financed by community members and are located in the Outaouais region. Our members and their investments will enable a lot of positive change in their own communities.

By becoming a member today, you will be:

  • Making the Outaouais region more sustainable
  • Amplifying your voice through collective action
  • Increasing the Co-operative’s influence and reach
  • Joining a like-minded community of neighbours, friends, and family
  • Supporting local business and institutions by investing in your region’s economy

Our members also gain access to:

  • Annual member meetings
  • Discounts on a variety of environmental & co-op events taking place in Eastern Ontario
  • 50% off an annual subscription to one of Canada’s leading independent, investigative news outlets, National Observer.
  • 10% off at the following Ottawa-based retail stores:
    • Bushtukah, focusing on outdoor adventure wear and more
    • terra20, focusing on environmentally friendly lifestyle products
  • Our bi-monthly newsletter chalk full of renewable energy news and local environmental events
  • The opportunity to run for a seat on our illustrious Board of Directors or one of the Co-operative’s advisory teams

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