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Project Portfolio

Completed Projects

Eileen Tallman Welcome Sign

Eileen Tallman Housing Co-op

October 2020

CoEnergy worked with Eileen Tallman Housing Co-op to install programmable thermostats in the building’s common areas alongside a complete LED retrofit. This project will lead not only to greenhouse gas and energy consumption reductions, but an improvement in the overall living environment for co-op members.

SOHO Condo Parkway

August 2019

CoEnergy worked with the SOHO Condo Parkway in Ottawa to undertake a complete LED lighting upgrade. The project will save condo owners money, while also decreasing the building’s energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions.

RA Centre – Phase I

May & July 2019

Serving over 22,000 members, the RA Centre is one of the premier recreation centres in Ottawa. CoEnergy took on a comprehensive lighting upgrade for the baseball diamonds, squash and badminton courts, and curling rinks.

Yule Manor Housing Co-op

July 2019

CoEnergy carried out a complete LED retrofit of Yule Manor Housing Co-op. This fully-financed project saw the co-op’s shared interior lighting, as well as the entirety of their outdoor lighting, upgraded to LEDs.

Upcoming Projects

RA Centre


The RA Centre is one of Ottawa’s best-known non-profit recreational centres, serving its 22,000 members. The first of a multi-phase retrofit project involves a final outdoor lighting retrofit and building system automation (BAS) optimization.

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings


CoEnergy is working with a variety of housing co-ops and condo buildings to undertake indoor lighting retrofits. This is the first step of many possible retrofits that will enable more efficient and comfortable living for residents.

RA Centre

Minto Skating Centre

Yule Manor Housing Co-op