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Eileen Tallman Housing Co-operative

850 Seyton Dr. Ottawa, ON

  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Upgrades
  • Programmable Thermostats for Common Areas

Project cost of $32,000

Annual savings of $3,800

 CoEnergy’s relationship with Eileen Tallman grew out of longstanding ties between the housing co-operative and the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative. OREC has owned and operated a solar project on Eileen Tallman’s roof since 2012.

This project achieves a positive environmental impact, while also aiming to improve the living space for Eileen Tallman members. Upgrading to LED lighting will result in dramatic reductions in energy consumption and provide better lighting. The installation of programmable thermostats in the building’s common areas means the building will be more comfortable for residents. These thermostats will allow members and staff to program when heaters turn on, and how much heat they provide.

CoEnergy worked with Etrilum Light Inc. to find energy efficient lighting that was pleasant for co-op members, and helped Eileen Tallman secure incentives from the Save On Energy program. Lit Electric took on the installation of the programmable thermostats, ensuring they were easy to use and compatible with existing heating equipment.

Through our innovative social finance mechanism, CoEnergy was able to fully finance this project. A portion of the annual savings that Eileen Tallman will incur will be used repay CoEnergy, after which point the housing co-op will own all the new equipment.