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Energy efficiency makes sense for organizations of all kinds. By working with CoEnergy, you will save money, update and improve your organization’s operations, all while positioning yourself as a sustainability leader in your community. We provide a turnkey service, from project design to implementation and ongoing optimization, as well as community financing through our growing membership.

Produce the power you need on your own roof! Shrink your organization’s carbon footprint and lower your electricity bills by producing clean electricity generated directly on your property. This fully-financed solar system allows you to secure low, stable electricity prices for decades to come.  Electricity is consumed on site, and credits for unused energy can be banked for future use.

Whether you are a business owner with a vehicle fleet or an individual looking to make a switch, it’s hard to not consider an electric vehicle. CoEnergy can help you secure discounts on new EVs, provide exclusive offers on used EVs, and help you get the charging infrastructure you need to make a seamless transition to electric. 

An easy way to lower your organization’s carbon emissions and save money is by reducing the amount of energy your building uses. CoEnergy helps you to undertake those much-needed energy efficiency retrofits, allowing you realize your cost savings potential, while raising your sustainability profile. These 100% financed, turnkey solutions provide savings from day one while improving  overall conditions for work, life, and play.

Ensure your solar projects are reaching their full potential through CoEnergy’s affordable operations and maintenance services. You can rest easy knowing any issues will be quickly and efficiently addressed by our local, experienced team, keeping a close eye on your project with our detail-oriented remote monitoring.

We invite you to view and download our Energy Services brochure, available here.

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