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Comprehensive Energy Savings Services

CoEnergy was formed to be able to provide more to its clients. Through our Comprehensive Energy Saving Services program, CoEnergy provides turn-key, 100% financed, cash-positive energy retrofits. Confirmed by third-party engineers, these services include ongoing monitoring and maintenance, ensuring cost and energy savings are realized.

Retrofits are financed through the co-operative, enabling public benefit and increasing your building’s sustainability profile in the community.


Eligible buildings include:

  • Multi-unit residential buildings (tower type)
  • Recreational facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Institutional facilities

This short video outlines the immense positive impact that energy efficiency retrofits can have for existing buildings. Many thanks to The Atmospheric Fund for creating such an informative, clear video.

How does it work?

  • Determine the potential savings and emissions reductions through a comprehensive energy audit
  • Identify what kinds of changes you would like to enact in your facility
  • CoEnergy finances energy retrofits, using investments from your fellow community members
  • Over the term of the agreement, a portion of savings are directed to CoEnergy to repay its investing members
  • Enjoy reduced utility bills and ongoing maintenance services

Apply for fully-financed energy retrofits today!

Answer the following to the best of your abilities, and a CoEnergy representative will contact you within three business days.

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Are the total building energy bills (electricity, gas & water) greater than $300,000 a year?

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