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Home Energy Retrofit Services

For many households, reducing your home’s carbon footprint is one of the most significant steps to take in the fight against rising carbon levels and climate change. The residential sector contributed 31% of Ottawa’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2015.

There is much to do in the residential sector, and as a co-operative we want to take advantage of our growing membership and shared interests to achieve significant, collective climate action. We purchase low-carbon technologies & equipment in bulk, and coordinate group installs with vetted contractors to achieve significant savings. This includes electric vehicles and charging stations.

CoEnergy Co-operative also wants to continue to play a catalytic role in reducing emissions and footprints of recreation centres, non-profit buildings and commercial facilities, and are always on the lookout for prospective community-scale projects.

CoEnergy’s next bulk purchase – Air-Source Heat Pumps

Air-Source Heat Pump

CoEnergy’s next bulk purchase will be of air-source heat pumps. This innovative technology provide heating and cooling for your home at up to three times the efficiency of an electric baseboard heating system. Find out more about air-source heat pumps here. This is your chance to significantly lower your heating and cooling costs, as well as your home’s carbon footprint.


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CoEnergy’s home energy retrofit services include, but are not limited to the following services and technologies:


Window & door replacement


Draft sealing


Electric vehicles


Lighting Retrofits


Water conservation measures


Air source heat pumps




Electric vehicle charging stations


Home Energy Audits

CoEnergy Co-operative works with EnviroCentre, an Ottawa-based non-profit, to provide quality, comprehensive energy audits. A leading provider of home energy audits in Ottawa for 20 years, EnviroCentre experts will look at your home in a holistic way, and present findings and recommendations in an accessible manner. From there, determine what steps are right for you, and work with CoEnergy to leverage the co-operative advantage.

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