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Solar Operations & Maintenance

CoEnergy Co-operative offers a comprehensive operations and maintenance service for your existing solar projects. These services will ensure maximum generation and performance of your system through safety-oriented, preventative maintenance. CoEnergy provides daily remote monitoring of your project in order to keep generation losses and overall maintenance costs to a minimum, taking a preventative approach to project maintenance.

With an existing portfolio of 20 projects in Eastern Ontario, CoEnergy is experienced with a wide variety of panels, racking, inverters and tracking technology for both rooftop and ground mount installations.

Ongoing service of your solar system can help your system in a number of ways.

  • Increase efficiency and energy delivery
  • Decreased downtime
  • Extended system life
  • Reduced cost of future maintenance
  • Ensures safety and reduces risks
  • Enhances apprearance of your system
  • Ensures adherance to financing agreements and warranties
  • Regular documentation helps tracks the progression of issues

Examples of CoEnergy’s current O & M portfolio.

CoEnergy operates primarily, though not exclusively, within the City of Ottawa and surrounding regions, aiming to provide immediate maintenance when necessary while keeping travel costs and emissions to a minimum.

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With CoEnergy Co-operative, you will get:
  • Daily project monitoring
  • Improved system up-times
  • Annual site inspections
  • Coordination of equipment upgrades and replacement
  • Protection for your returns on investment
  • Avoid safety hazards and risks
  • Representation during meetings with suppliers, installers and other third parties
  • On-site repairs of technical issues affecting production & monitoring
  • Maintenance in line with equipment warranties

CoEnergy Pricing Chart

Members of CoEnergy get $50 off their first annual inspection!


  • * : estimated price based on $65/hr rate
  • Rate estimates assume <30 min. travel time from downtown Ottawa
  • If trackers are used, more time is needed for annual inspections
  • Portfolio efficiencies may be available for monitoring and site inspections, depending on locations and monitoring equipment
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Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

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Common Issues For Solar Arrays

Take a moment to read through these common issues that your solar system may be experiencing. These can all affect the longevity of your system, as well as its production and revenues.


Many manufacturers require regular maintenance on their components to maintain component warranties.

Inverter Air Filters & Heat Sinks

Clogged air filters and heat sinks will reduce inverter efficiency and degrade performance. High temperatures are hard on electrical components, reducing longevity and voiding warranties if not properly maintained.

Racking & Module Hardware

Over time, vibrations from wind can cause mounting hardware to lose torque. Many issues can arise from this, including modules blowing off in strong winds (damaging the module, wiring and surrounding property). A failed racking system will shift and cause non-optimal tilt/orientation, and ultimately reduce system output and revenues.


Like anything, rust of solar PV affects integrity and appearance. This can lead to many issues including failed hardware allowing the array to shift. This causes a negative impact system output and revenues.

Vegetation Growth & Wildlife

Overgrown vegetation can cloud/obstruct the array’s ability to absorb light.

Animals such as squirrels, mice, and birds will make nests out of your solar array and electrical boxes. Some small critters (like squirrels) like to chew through electrical wires. This can cost you thousands in repairs and is an obvious fire hazard.

PV Wiring

Loose wires can quickly become damaged from blowing in the wind and rubbing on coarse surfaces (like shingles, screws or rack edges). These can become a serious fire and safety hazard.

Wall Mounts & Brackets

These components of your solar array can loosen over time. A fallen inverter can be damaged, which is not likely to be covered under warranty. This can also cause damage to electrical wiring and other objects nearby.

Electrical Connections

These linkages need to be re-torqued annually. Loose electrical connections can cause high resistance on wires increasing electrical losses and reducing efficiency, system output and revenues.

Teck Cables

These aspects need to be checked regularly to ensure they are snug at component entry points. Loose tech cable connections allow moisture to seep into enclosed electrical boxes. This is a fire hazard and can damage electrical components, reducing component lifetime.

Electrical Box Degredation

Seals on these components can degrade over time, allowing moisture into electrical boxes. Cleaning/wiping seals will help maintain their integrity.

Soiling & Dirty Panels

Solar panels get dirty. Cleaning modules can improve your system output and revenues.

On-site Electrical Measurements

String/module level Voc (open circuit voltage) and Isc (short circuit current) measurements can help find small anomalies not detected by your monitoring system.