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Solar Operations & Maintenance

CoEnergy Co-operative offers a comprehensive operations and maintenance service for your existing solar projects. These services will ensure maximum generation and performance of your system through safety-oriented, preventative maintenance. CoEnergy provides daily remote monitoring of your project in order to keep generation losses and overall maintenance costs to a minimum, taking a preventative approach to project maintenance.

With an existing portfolio of 20 projects in Eastern Ontario, CoEnergy is experienced with a wide variety of panels, racking, inverters and tracking technology for both rooftop and ground mount installations. In particular, our team has experience with the following inverter technologies:

Examples of CoEnergy’s current O & M portfolio.

CoEnergy operates primarily, though not exclusively within the City of Ottawa and surrounding regions, aiming to provide immediate maintenance when necessary while keeping travel costs and emissions to a minimum.

With CoEnergy Co-operative, you will get:
  • Daily project monitoring
  • Improved system up-times
  • Annual site inspections
  • Coordination of equipment upgrades and replacement
  • Protection for your returns on investment
  • Avoid safety hazards and risks
  • Representation during meetings with suppliers, installers and other third parties
  • On-site repairs of technical issues affecting production & monitoring
  • Maintenance in line with equipment warranties

CoEnergy Pricing Chart


  • Rate estimates assume <30 min. travel time from downtown Ottawa
  • If trackers are used, more time is needed for annual inspections
  • Portfolio efficiencies may be available for monitoring and site inspections, depending on locations and monitoring equipment
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Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

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