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What We Do

CoEnergy’s mission is to reduce carbon emissions by developing turnkey, community-financed energy efficiency and
renewable energy projects.

We work with buildings of all shapes, sizes, and ages to help you manage and meet your energy demands more sustainably.

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What We Do

CoEnergy is your sustainability partner. We will help take your project from the idea stage to implementation, advocating for your organization every step of the way. Whether you are thinking about a small lighting upgrade, or a deep energy retrofit of your entire building, CoEnergy is here to help.

CoEnergy is a co-operative dedicated to accelerating the transition to a low carbon future. We do this by connecting investors with sustainability projects that align with their values. All of our projects are entirely financed by our growing membership, allowing you to start saving from day one.

CoEnergy brings a wealth of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and provides turnkey project development. From design, to engineering, to project management and performance verification, we are here to help you find the solutions that meet your needs.

Innovative & Local Financing

CoEnergy recognizes that while you and your organization may be eager to take on a number of energy-saving projects that help reduce carbon emissions, the costs associated with such endeavours often put them out of reach.

That is where CoEnergy’s social financing comes into play. We covers all the up-front costs of these projects, and work with you to create manageable, flexible agreements that use the savings to repay the capital costs taken on by CoEnergy. Learn more about how we raise capital here.

These are cash-flow positive arrangements, allowing your organization to
start saving on day one.

Possible Projects

CoEnergy is able to take on a range of energy-saving measures, which could include, but are not limited to:

Solar Energy Projects
Heating & Cooling Upgrades
LED Lighting Projects
Domestic Hot Water Tank Replacement
Building Automation Systems
Water Conservation Measures

Your Project

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